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  1. Wendy’s Subway is pleased to announce the WS Residency Program.

    Every quarter, organizations, publications, and presses are invited to Wendy’s to develop public programming and workshops, contribute to our quarterly publication, Wendy’s Is, and contribute to the WS Residency Archive, a growing library of residents’ publications and selected materials. The WS Residency program works to continue our insistence on the value of discourse and collaboration through interdisciplinary and open practices.  

    We are excited to announce our first publication-in-residence, Apogee Journal. Apogee's mission: "Apogee is a literary journal specializing in art and literature that engage with issues of identity politics: race, gender, sexuality, class, and hyphenated identities. We currently produce a biannual issue featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. Our goal is to publish exciting work that interrogates the status quo, providing a platform for unheard voices, including emerging writers of color."

    As part of their residency, Apogee Journal will host an anti-Valentine’s reading in February, and a Writing & Activism workshop series (dates TBA). Apogee Journal will also contribute copies of previous issues and works from their Alternate Canon to the Residency Archive. More projects to be announced.


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