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  1. In Residence: Mochila/diSONARE
    December 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020

    Wendy’s Subway is pleased to welcome diSONARE and MOCHILA in residence from December 2019 through January 2020. Over the course of the residency, the editorial projects MOCHILA and diSONARE will explore and reflect on ideas of ritual, community, and para-archiving in the form of independent publishing and circulation.   

    During the month of December, the project will focus on the publications gathered in the MOCHILA, an itinerant and peripatetic travelling library and archive of Latin American publications. Programming will include a collaboration with Wendy’s Subway former publisher-in-residence, Erizo: A Journal of the Arts (Erizo: Un diario de los artes), and Christopher Rey Pérez, editor of the recently released Aliens Beyond Paradise / Alienígenas más allá del paraíso (Wendy’s Subway / Queens Museum, 2019), exploring  the connection of experimental writing practices, publishing and para-archiving as a transient action that can occur in and through the concept of “body.”

    During the month of January, the project will focus on the relation of film and independent publishing to acts of alternative archiving, specifically in Latin America. We will consider the materiality of both film negatives and print publications as phenomenological archives.

    Programming will focus on the forthcoming diSONARE 08, which explores the relationship between text and film, and the continual interplay of their mediums, materiality, and narratives. We will consider how this relationship blurs the phenomenological, cultural, and ideological tensions that appear in the alchemical skin of cinematic images, producing textual residues, unfinished processes, and new kinds of poetics.

    - About diSONARE and MOCHILA - 

    diSONARE is a bilingual editorial project based in Mexico City, founded in 2013, focusing on hybrid artistic processes at the intersection of poetry, art, fiction, experimental essays, and translation not only as linguistic phenomena, but as political and cultural practices. 

    MOCHILA (literally, “backpack”) is an initiative that transcends borders, full of unique printed matter and editorial content produced in Latin America and destined for a foreign audience. The MOCHILA is designed to travel around the United States as a resource and catalyst, to land temporarily in bookstores, schools, and art spaces as a portable library, and promote bilingual collaborations between artists and writers in Latin America and internationally.

    MOCHILA evokes the intimate exchange and the peripatetic nature of editorial work and its collaborative processes. The project also represents the importance of the backpack as a symbol of cultural migration. MOCHILA is a project conceived by diSONARE (Mexico) and ANTEPROJECTS (California) as a simple and effective way of collecting and promoting independent editorial projects from Latin America.


    The Wendy’s Subway Residency Program is made possible through a Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation Art and Social Justice Grant, and through public funds from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered in Kings County by the Brooklyn Arts Council.


  3. Surface Experiments: Poetry and Direct Animation in Translation
    Facilitated by Chloe Zimmerman and Lucía Hinojosa

    Organized in collaboration with Mono No Aware (33 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn)
    Capacity: 12 participants

    Fee: $40-90 (sliding scale)
    Register here.

    Drawing inspiration from various filmmaker-poet correspondences published in diSONARE (Teo Hernández, Carolee Schneemann, Caroline Bergvall, Ricardo Nicolayevsky, Jonas Mekas, among others) we will consider translations between poetic bodies and cinematic skin. Participants are invited to bring to the workshop 1-2 texts (whether their own or others’ writing) to use as inspiration. After a brief introduction to direct animation on 16mm film (including techniques of frame-by-frame hand drawing, masking, and scratching onto found footage), we will experiment with camera-less film responses to one another’s poetic provocations.

    Participants will receive a digitized scan of their direct animations, and will explore a possible publication resulting from the hybrid-works produced in this workshop.

    This workshop marks the culmination of diSONARE’s residency at Wendy’s Subway from December 2019 through January 2020, and the launch of the journal's eighth edition, "film + text + alchemy."


    Lucia Hinojosa is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and editor from Mexico City. Her practice develops through a series of conceptual, ephemeral gestures and performative trajectories as a method of investigation that results in a corpus of visual, sonic, and text-based works. She studied Visual & Critical Studies at The School of Visual Arts and the MFA program at SOMA in Mexico City. In 2013 she co-founded diSONARE, a bilingual editorial project that focuses on hybrid art & writing practices. She runs the project Mochila, a selection of independent Latin American publications traveling abroad in a backpack. Her work has been exhibited at spaces like Centro de la Imagen, Ladrón, Espectro Electromagnético, Sector 2337, Grice Bench, and Chalton Gallery. Her writing has appeared in journals and publications like Hyperallergic, GasTV, Dolce Stil Criollo, Antifaz, and The Brooklyn Rail.

    Chloe Zimmerman is an artist, writer, and educator engaging with ecologies and documentary poetics across analogue film, video, installation, social practice and text. She teaches filmmaking and other creative practices at venues including the Museum of the Moving Image, MoMA, Mono No Aware, GenSpace, Swale House, and the Queens Museum’s New New Yorkers Program. Chloe founded and facilitated the Mycological Research Playgroup and was a 2013-2014 Collaborative Fellow at UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art.

    MONO NO AWARE is a Brooklyn-based non-profit cinema arts organization working to promote the cinematic experience through art, film and literature. Taking its name from the Japanese expression meaning “the pathos of things,” MONO NO AWARE presents screenings, operates filmmaking workshops, operates an artist-run film lab, and hosts an annual international exhibition for contemporary artists and filmmakers whose work incorporates Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm or altered light projections as part of a live performance or installation.

  4. Seeing, Naming, Knowing with Nora Khan
    Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 7-9pm

    The second event in a series organized on the occasion of MOCHILA and diSONARE’s residency at Wendy’s Subway features a reading of the essay “Seeing, Naming, Knowing” by writer, critic, and curator Nora N. Khan, focusing on the logics of vision and naming of machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence, and the inherent risks and impacts for societies that rely on such technologies. The reading will be followed by a discussion with Diego Gerard, editor of diSONARE and translator of the essay into the Spanish as "Ver, Nombrar, Saber." The conversation will draw on the importance of translation not only as an artistic form, but also as a purveyor of political and cultural parallels.

    Nora N. Khan is a writer of criticism on digital visual culture and philosophy of emerging technology. She is a professor at Rhode Island School of Design, in Digital + Media and a longtime editor at Rhizome. She publishes in Art in America, Frieze, Flash Art, Mousse, 4Columns, Brooklyn Rail, Rhizome, California Sunday, Spike Art, The Village Voice, and Glass Bead, and has written commissioned essays for major exhibitions at Serpentine Galleries, Chisenhale Gallery, the Venice Biennale – Estonian Pavilion, Centre Pompidou, Swiss Institute, and Kunstverein in Hamburg. Book contributions include Sondra Perry’s Typhoon Coming On (Koenig Books), Katja Novitskova’s Dawn Mission (Mousse) and If Only You Could See What I See with Your Eyes* (Sternberg Press), and Ian Cheng’s Emissaries Guide to Worlding (Koenig Books). She is also the author of a book with Steven Warwick, Fear Indexing the X-Files (Primary Information, 2017), on early fan forum culture and online conspiracy theories. Her writing has been supported by many awards over the last decade, including, most recently, a Critical Writing Grant given through the Visual Arts Foundation and the Crossed Purposes Foundation (2018). Her most recent short book on machine-driven photography and vision, Seeing, Naming, Knowing, was published through The Brooklyn Rail. As The Shed’s first guest curator this year, she organized the exhibition Manual Override, focused on contemporary artists engaging and critiquing emerging technology.

    Diego Gerard is a writer, editor and translator. He is the cofounder and fiction editor of diSONARE. His fiction, translations, interviews and other writings have appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, the Roanoke Review, The River Rail, Terremoto, Boiler House Press, John of the Thing and Rail Editions, among others.

  5. Publishing Talks: Para-Archiving and the Body
    Thursday, December 12 - 7pm 

    Please join us for a presentation of MOCHILA, a backpack full of unique printed matter and editorial content produced in Latin America. The MOCHILA is designed to travel around the United States as a resource and catalyst, to land temporarily in bookstores, schools, and art spaces as a portable library, and promote bilingual collaborations between artists and writers in Latin America and internationally.
    The first in a series of events organized on the occasion MOCHILA's residency at Wendy's Subway through January 2020, this evening will feature readings by Emily Liebowitz, Christopher Rey Pérez, and Natasha Tiniacos, followed by a conversation with editors of the Latin America-based projects diSONARE, Erizo, Dolce Stil Criollo, and Aliens Beyond Paradise. The conversation will draw on ways of experimenting with the body as a vehicle for para-archiving within writing, independent publishing and circulation.

    Emily Sieu Liebowitz is the author of National Park (Gramma Poetry, 2018), which was longlisted for the Believer book award, and the chapbook In Any Map (The Song Cave, 2015). A graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, where she was an Alberta Kelly Fellow, her writing has appeared in Poetry, The Believer, The Brooklyn Rail and various other journals and magazines. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and her hometown Hayward, CA, and freelances in writing and arts communications.

    Christopher Rey Pérez is a poet working from within a matrix of opaque folklore, violence, and language in order to incorporate the liminality of a type of “border thinking” into his writing. He is the author of gauguin’s notebook, along with a number of other works that have been published in Lebanon, Cyprus, Mexico, and Brazil. Since 2012, he has edited a nomadic publication in, of, and around Latin America, called Dolce Stil Criollo.

    Natasha Tiniacos (b. Venezuela) has published Historia privada de un etcétera (Private Story of an Etcetera), finalist for the Grand Prix Littéraire of the Association of Caribbean Writers, and Mujer a fuego lento (Woman at Low Heat), National University Prize in Literature, in Venezuela. She has been a poet in residence for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa, and Vermont Studio Center, between others. She did the MFA in Creative Writing in New York University, where she also lectured as in Fordham and CUNY. Her artist teaching practice has focused on bilingual workshops of poetry to seniors of the Washington Heights community in Manhattan, where she lives. Currently she is working on a new project for opera in the New York Foundation for the Arts: Performing and Literary Arts 2019 program.

    Lucía Hinojosa and Diego Gerard are the publishers of diSONARE and creators of MOCHILA, the current publisher-in-residence at Wendy’s Subway.
    Erizo is a bilingual journal of poetry and visual art of the Americas. It is edited by siblings Nika and Aron Chilewich.

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