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  1. Wendy's Subway Reading Room
    In conjunction with the installation The People's Studio: Collective Imagination
    October 21, 2019-August 31, 2020

    Creativity Lab, Floor 2

    The Paul and James Crown Creativity Lab
    11 West 53rd Street

    New York, NY 10019

    Wendy’s Subway presents the Reading Room, a rotating collection of publications developed in conjunction with The People’s Studio: Collective Imagination and selected specifically to respond to works on view in the galleries. Including titles solicited from and published by local and international small presses, artist-run projects, and community archives and organizations, the Reading Room focuses on collective and collaborative practices of making and circulating independent publications.

    The Reading Room’s collection will rotate with the museum’s changing exhibition program in order to draw new parallels between artworks and books, remain responsive to dialogues prompted by works in the museum, and highlight a new body of publications and their publishers. The current collection of books will be on view through January 2020. Visitors are encouraged to spend time with the publications and draw their own connections to works on view. Detailed catalogue information for the collection is available on individual library cards in each book and in the Directory. 

    The Reader

    The Reader, an evolving online and on-site publication, gathers quotes, excerpts, and fragments selected by a range of contributors in response to the prompt:  “I read/see/hear/feel collective imagination in…."

    Visitors are encouraged to make their own contributions to the Reader by emailing library@wendyssubway.com or submitting materials directly to MoMA facilitators. Submissions in the form of single-page, scanned excerpts from books, magazines, and other printed matter; photographs and cell phone snapshots; hand- or typewritten notes; etc. are welcome. All submissions should be accompanied by a reference to your source (i.e.: Author/Artist. Title. Year, if applicable). The printed Reader will be updated on site and online bi-monthly, so check back regularly to find your submission and new perspectives on collective imagination.


    The Reading Room display structure is designed by New York/Brussels-based architectural practice common room. Graphic design for the Reader and Directory  by Geoff Han, with Immanuel Yang. 

    Special thanks

    Special thanks to Simran Ankolkar, Emily Bartsch, Marian Chudnovsky, Maanav Jalan, Mallika Singh and Claire Zuo.

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