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    The Free Black Women's Library
    UnEarting - (W)riting as a Spiritual Practice

    October 1-30, 2016

    Wendy's Subway is pleased to announce the first in a series of one to two month-long residencies designed to host artists, publishers, special collections, and libraries.

    This month the Free Black Women's Library presents a series of art & literary based activities under the umbrella of "UnEarthing  - (W)riting as a Sacred Practice."  In this series, we will examine and explore the concept of writing as a ritual for growth, healing, and self-discovery as well as tool for resistance and liberation.

    Every Saturday in October from noon-5pm, the Free Black Women's Library will host book trades, readings, discussions, film screenings, writing workshops, and critical conversations. Feel free to come through to work and create in the space. Special activities begin at 2pm and go until 4pm. All are welcome. A publication tracing the library's holdings and ongoing book exchanges will be published at the end of October. See below for all upcoming public programs.

    The Free Black Women's Library is an interactive mobile library that features a collection of 450 books of varying genres written by Black women. The goal and purpose of the library is to co-create fun vibrant spaces for community gatherings that center, explore and celebrate the creativity and brilliance of Black women and girls, through the enjoyment of books, music, visual art and performance.  

    All races, ages, and genders are welcome to donate and/or trade books with the library at of our monthly pop-ups. Please follow The Free Black Women's Library on  Facebook and Tumblr for updates and details about the library's travels and events.

    Read about The Free Black Women's Library in Fusion.

  2. Public Programs

    Saturday, October 8
    Noon-5pm: Open Hours

    Screening of Beloved (dir. Jonathan Demme, 1998, 2h52 mins), followed by Questions from a Daughter, a writing circle led by writer and facilitator Jacquelyn Ackeifi.

    Join us for a reflective circle inspired by the theme of mother/daughter relationships in books and films. Starting with a special screening of Toni Morrison's 1987 Beloved, we will then discuss the weight and work of the connection between mothers and daughters, then take time out to write, draw, and create ways to express our innermost inquiries for our mothers and caregivers. We will talk about daughterhood, nurturing, genetics and kinship. Come with questions  you've never asked as we examine this unique thread that connects us all.

    Saturday, October 15
    Noon-5pm: Open Hours

    2pm: Writing Through Fear, a workshop led by Kiini Ibura Salaam 

    Join award-winning author Kiini Ibura Salaam for a writing workshop about facing the topics you're terrified to write about. Participants to this free event will hear how Kiini turned something she was afraid to write about into a sci-fi short story, and then face a few fears of their own with a brief writing exercise designed to test the waters of the ideas that scare you most (no sharing required). Suggested reading before the event: Writers as Exhibitionists: Why Tell All.

    Kiini Ibura Salaam is a writer, painter, and traveler from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her work is rooted in eroticism, speculative events, and personal freedom. She has been widely published and anthologized in such publications as the Dark Matter, Mojo: Conjure Stories, and Colonize This! anthologies, as well as Essence, Utne Reader, and Ms. magazines. Her short story collection Ancient, Ancient—winner of the 2012 James Tiptree, Jr. award—contains sensual tales of the fantastic, the dark, and the magical. Her micro-essays on writing can be found at www.kiiniibura.com or in her Notes From the Trenches ebook series. Her second collection, When the World Wounds, is forthcoming from Third Man Books.

    For Ancient, Ancient click here.
    For When the World Wounds click here.

    Saturday, October 22
    Noon-5pm: Open Hours

    2pm: Black Girl Magic Lit, reading by Ibi Zoboi 

    Join award-winning author Ibi Zoboi as she reads excerpts from her forthcoming YA book American Street (Balzer+Bray, 2017) and discusses the themes of magic and spirituality in stories featuring Black girl characters.  She is also raffling off a free signed copy.

    Saturday, October 28
    Noon-5pm: Open Hours

    2-5pm: Black Lit Cosplay Costume Day Party, ft. Deejay Reborn

    Come dressed as your favorite writer or character from a book, prizes for best and most creative costume.

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