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  1. Image Speak

    This publication was printed on the occasion of IMAGE SPEAK, a course on the essay film led by Rachel James and Georgia Wall at Wendy’s Subway from February 12-April 9, 2018. Released April 9, 2018 for the IMAGE SPEAK public screening at Spectacle Theater.

    Contributors: Logan Chappe, Michelle Huynh Chu, Rachel Haberstroh, Sara O’Brien, Guy Pettit, Joseph Rosen, Meghan Surges, Alexandra Tatarsky, and Nicole Wallace.

    Published by Wendy’s Subway 
    Designed by Rachel Valinsky 
    Cover design by Gerardo Madera 
    Riso printed in Brooklyn by TXTbooks, 2018
    Edition of 60

  2. Adriana Ramić and Elizaveta Shneyderman, Exchange Variation

    March 2019
    8.5 x 5.5. inches, 36 pages 
    Risograph and laser-printed
    Edition of 75

    Exchange Variation is held in a wire rack inside an animal mascot convenience store. Bobby Fischer plays chess in Yugoslavia before and during its collapse. A missing encoded image of Josip Broz Tito was last seen in a furniture factory. 2,400 Belarusian Rubles can buy a reproduction of the 50-year old Крокодил Гена. “For the most long time your playmates could eggs from the other broken pigs from the puddle.” Here is an alphabet. Control of the e-file, and its corresponding outposts supported by the d-pawns (e5 for White, e4 for Black) is paramount. Anyhow, is there a name for this opening and how should Black continue?

    Adriana Ramić is an artist based in New York. She has had one and two person exhibitions at Hessel Museum of Art, Annandale-on-Hudson; Kimberly-Klark, New York, and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam; and exhibited at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; New Galerie, Paris; LUMA, Westbau, Zürich,Kunstpalais, Erlangen, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit; among others. Her work has been covered in publications such as Artforum, Flash Art, the New York Times, Rhizome, SFMOMA Open Space, and Wired, and she has spoken at Signal Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö; American Medium, New York, home school, Portland, Yale School of Art, New Haven, and University of the Arts, Helsinki.

    Elizaveta Shneyderman is a writer and curator based in New York. Her writing has appeared in Artforum, BOMB Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, and Rhizome, among others. She has curated exhibitions at White Columns Online, CCS Bard, Hunter East Harlem Gallery, Fastnet, and Mana Contemporary as part of Rail Curatorial Projects. She is Co-Founder and Editor of Natasha, a magazine of new nonfiction writing. 

  3. Alec Mapes-Frances, New Lyrics

    September 2018 
    8.5 x 5.5 inches, 44 pages
    Printed on Risograph at the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive 
    Edition of 75

    New Lyrics is a collection of YouTube video stills. User-generated, software-based textual notation transcribes nonverbal, preverbal, or post-verbal intervals. "The lyric I”: pop lyric or lyric poem scripted by impersonal repetition (4x). Sighs, defaults, refrains, sound checks, customizable transitions. Emulation of desire.

    Alec Mapes-Frances lives in New York and works as a writer, researcher, and independent graphic designer. His writing has appeared in BOMB Magazine, Journal of Art Criticism, Organism for Poetic Research, and elsewhere. 

  4. From the syllabus to the city and back again

    August 2019
    36 pages
    Rubber band bound
    Printed on Risograph at Endless Editions, New York
    Edition of 100

    The Syllabus is a form of utopian publication. In the neoliberal university, it is a document making evidence of teaching and learning. It is a contract that draws disciplinary lines. In the right hands, it acts as a cover and allows for the possibility of study. Outside the neoliberal university, the syllabus projects a point of view, stages a debate, and charts a field of praxis. It is a vehicle for doing what the university ought to be doing but is not.

    This zine was published on the occasion of Collective Question's residency at Wendy's Subway August 21-30, 2019. 

    Collective Question is a working group comprised of Julie Niemi, Steven Chodoriwsky, and Christopher Lee. They coalesced around research into Tolstoy College, an anarchist educational community within the University at Buffalo SUNY active between 1969 and 1985 that was invested in themes and questions of radicalism and oppression in America. The current research of Collective Question speculates on informal reconstitutions of the college and a reanimation of its spirit of studying together. They work by building, publishing, and talking with and through host/partner institutions and its publics. 

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