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  1. From Line to Constellation
    Curated by Francesca Capone

    Cohen Gallery, Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
    Brown University, Providence, RI
    March 12 - April 10

    PDF Download Catalogue for From Line to Constellation

    Wendy's Subway will present a temporary library and reading as part of the exhibition, From Line to Constellation  at the Cohen Gallery and in the Granoff Center in conjunction with the conference Interrupt 3.

    In Eugen Gomringer’s 1954 essay, From Line to Constellation, he discusses poetry that “can be perceived visually as a whole as well as in its parts” and for this reason it “is memorable and imprints itself upon the mind as a picture” and “becomes an object to be both seen and used.”  Considering the poem as picture, we are reminded that text is image as well; built from formal components, considered with aesthetics, comprised of shapes and symbols. The written languages that we know and use today are not only letters that form words that form sentences, but are also a series of content driven visual decisions manifested through mark making. With this logic, we have collected a group of works from the contexts of both poetry and visual art that utilize language as either a medium or a layer within the visual landscape. We have combined these works as a suggestion that in both art forms there exists movement towards similar objectives, seeking to employ in one medium what is taken for granted in the other. We extend Gomringer’s suggestion of a line of text further, to a line that is not only written but drawn, printed, painted, tufted, filmed. Perhaps, when joined together, these efforts establish a context of their own, where what might commonly be recognized as ‘visual art’ or ‘poetry’ becomes integrated into a singular practice. Existing notions of image and text as two distinct devices for communication become partially erased: what is drawn can be read, what is written can be seen and experienced. “In the constellation something is brought into the world. It is a reality in itself and not a poem about something or other. The constellation is an invitation.”

    Featuring: Benjamin Shaykin, Caroline Bergvall, David Court, Derek Beaulieu, Emmett Williams, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Fox Irving, Jen Bervin, John Ashbery, Joshua Abelow, Keith Waldrop, Kenneth Goldsmith, Kit Schluter, Kristen Mueller, Michael Winkler, Molly Springfield, Peter Wilson, Rosmarie Waldrop, Sean Robert FitzGerald, Sophia Le Fraga, Susan Howe, Tom Ockerse, Wendy's Subway

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